Wakame Watch Recording Project


Undaria image

Wakame attached to a pontoon showing its branching frond

Undaria holdfast and reproductive body

Corrugated ruffle shaped reproductive structure

Wakame key identification features

Wakame has been selected as the target of the project because it is relatively easy to identify with a little knowledge of its key features. Please submit photographs with your records clearly showing as many of the key features as possible.

Wakame key identification features (sporophytes)

Similar species


Alaria esculenta holdfast with its long oval shaped frond

Dabberlocks (Alaria esculenta)


Sugar kelp (left) and Wakame (right). You can clearly see the distinct midrib of Wakame.

Sugar kelp (Saccharina latissima)


Furbellows Holdfast.

Furbellows (Saccorhiza polyschides)

Other Kelps (Laminaria digitata, Laminaria hyperborea, Laminaria ochroleuca)

These large brown seaweeds may be distinguished from Wakame by the following characteristics.

Juvenile Wakame

Juvenile Wakame, with serrations at base of frond but without ruffle shaped reproductive structure

Broad Leaf Weed

This seaweed may be confused with the juvenile stage of Wakame (Picture of juvenile wakame)

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